Monday, 10 October 2016

PPT-AMB Selfie Street Sector 92 Gurgaon

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Sunday, 9 October 2016

AIPL Joy Street, Sector 66, Gurgaon

Advance India Projects Limited (AIPL) comes up with Aipl Joy Street - the Food and Entertainment Destination at Sector 66, golf course extension road, Gurgaon. Right to invest as all says "FIRST RATE ALWAYS APPRECIATE"

About Joy Street
A mixed-use commercial development spread over 4 acres. 
• Ground and First floors have a high street retail character with approx. 230 retail outlets. 
• The retail outlets shall be set around themed piazzas and courtyards. These piazzas and courtyards 
   shall reflect a lively and carnival like ambience and have been designed as magnets to attract 
   footfalls of shoppers and recreation seekers. 
• Second Floor is dedicated for F&B - restaurants with spacious attached terraces, a world class 
   multi-cuisine food-court, cafĂ© spaces and an indoor fun zone. 
• The GF, FF and SF levels are interconnected through 4 sets of escalators that are strategically located 
   within the piazzas and courtyards. Additional connectivity is through lifts and staircases. 
• In order to add comfort to the joyous ambience of the piazzas and courtyards on the GF and FF, and 
   terraces on the SF, the micro environmental control features such as shading devices and misting shall 
   be used. 
• Third floor shall have a 6-screen multiplex with 1200 seats. 
• Fifth to Eleventh Floor shall have ‘Managed Serviced Apartments’ & ‘Furnished Office Suites’ 

Salient Features
• Grand Frontage: The key element for a successful shopping complex is always the frontage on the 
   main road. AIPL Joy Street shall boast of a grand frontage of 450 feet on the main 84 mt wide sector 
   road dividing the premium sectors 66 and 67 in the Golf Course Extension Road micro market. 

• Three side open Plot: Apart from the grand frontage on the 84 mt wide sector road, the site has 
   frontage on two 24 m wide sector roads as well which will result in good visibility and easy access to 
   the residents of the adjoining developments.

• Shop Height:- 
  The GF shops shall have a grand height of 6 mts. (19’ 8”) which apart from enhancing the internal and 
  external aesthetic appeal, shall also increase the space planning utility for the retailers.

  The FF shops shall have a height of 5 mts. (16’ 5”). 
  (The standard height in most retail development is a mere 3.5 - 4 mts.).

  Parking: Three levels basement + surface car parking.

About AIPL

Advance India Projects Limited (AIPL), has a multi-dimensional portfolio ranging from residential to commercial and retail segments. 

Headquartered in New Delhi with six regional offices in three states across the country, AIPL continues to transform the appearance and quality texture of India with innovative commercial landmarks, unprecedented retail developments and exclusive and premium residential communities. 

AIPL is immeasurably succeeded in developing, managing & pioneering commercial spaces by over 70 multi-national companies & Indian corporates housed in 35 of AIPL’s commercial projects in Delhi, NCR. 


 • Spread over 4 acres.
 • Double Height Shops with no extra PLC on GF Shops.
 • With 8 X screen Multiplex.
 • On 60 mtrs wide Road Opposite M3M Merlin.
 • Behind 24 mtr road BPTP Park Line.

Payment Plan

Site Plan

Location Map